Why Are You STILL Hustling All. Day. Long??

You should be PAST the exhausting early days of #entrepreneurlife, enjoying the fruits of your labor with a cocktail on Friday nights and a beach vacation twice a year.

Instead, you’re working til 2 a.m.
Taking client calls during family dinner.
Constantly putting out fires.
Wasting money on clunky, inefficient systems.
Micro-managing team members.

You are just So. Damn. Tired.

Maybe if I hire one more person. Maybe if we add this CRM package. Maybe if I clone myself…


I’m here to help you turn that corner, so you can finally experience that magical balance of being a badass business owner AND whatever-the-hell-else you want to be—homebody, jetsetter, family man (or woman), hobbyist, mid-afternoon napper…

Top Signs You Need an OBM In Your Life:

You can run the hell out of a sales call...but you can’t nail down your calendar without feeling overwhelmed.

You can dream up an incredible new marketing campaign..but you can’t keep your team on task to make it happen.

You can build lasting and loyal customer relationships...but you can’t pinpoint why that’s not translating to higher profits.

You need to have THE tough conversation with that toxic team member...but you break into a sweat just thinking about firing someone.

“Samantha was a dream come true! She is the perfect combination of smarts and heart. Her technical expertise, organizational skills, and ability to work with our team made for the perfect OBM. Samantha has the ability to see the big picture and vision, but then just as easily can break it down into step by step tasks. She has a fierce commitment to hitting deadlines and details. If you’re looking for a powerhouse to join your team this is your woman!”


Two-Hour Clarity Consultation

Map My Business

Uncover the most pressing issues your business is facing and receive an action plan for improvement. Your Clarity Consultation includes:

• 2-hour in-depth analysis of your business
• Detailed layout of systems, operations and team configuration
• Detailed report specific to your business with concrete ways you can improve team loyalty, client retention and business growth
• Action steps you can begin implementing today

Start getting your business back to where you need it to be with the expert advice of a seasoned, no-nonsense operations manager.

Three-Month Team Management

Overhaul My Team

Investment starts at $4,497 or $1,547 per month, based on the size of your team.

Got people problems? Whether your team includes two people or two dozen, it’s only as strong as the weakest link. A toxic team member or disorganized leadership model can wreak havoc on your business.

During your three-month team management experience, you will receive:

• A comprehensive assessment of your current team’s strengths and challenges
• Goal setting troubleshooting sessions
• Deep-dive analysis of team processes
• Interactive sessions with team members
• Streamlined hiring packet
• Detailed analysis of the team’s efficiency
• De-escalation techniques and templates
• Customized briefing templates unique to your business
• A full analysis and action plan for improving team communication

After three months, you’ll feel like you have a whole new team working for you! Plus, when you’re ready to scale, you’ll have everything you need to bring on more excellent team members!

Three-Month Systems Audit

Streamline My Systems

Investment starts at $5,597 or $1,997 per month, based on the size of your company.

Are you drowning in tech tools and systems? Systems are expensive, and it can be hard to find the best ones for your unique business needs. During your systems audit, we will figure out what your needs actually are, create robust SOPs, and set up the best custom solution to make your business run like a well-oiled machine.

Your three-month systems audit includes:

• In-depth analysis into your business systems and procedures
• Full brief on how to improve cost effectiveness and  streamlined usage
• Research and recommendation of new systems that are more integrative specific to your processes
• Assistance with transition of information from system to system
• SOP creation specific to your procedures

After your three-month Systems Audit is complete, you’ll have everything you need to move forward with efficiency, success and technology that actually does what you need it to do.

Six-Month, Full-Service Operations Management

Handle My Business

Everything you need in one basket! You’re ready to step out of the day-to-day and get back to enjoying your business. You want to elevate your business without being stuck constantly fine-tuning projects with your team. You want to remember what it feels like to have free time again.

Let me handle all of that for you, and more! Together we will create the business you love while you get to enjoy the gift of time again, sipping a martini at the beach or backpacking in the wilderness.

• Hands-on management from day one
• Team & systems audit (see above!)
• SOP creation for the business
• Monthly analytics & reports
• Weekly meetings with you and the team
• Client communication as needed, including implementation of de-escalation techniques

What if you’re pretty sure you have the right team, systems and processes but things still aren’t going the right way?
Don’t worry! I’ve got a plan for that too!

Your full-service ops management package can be customized to center around my Team Leadership Training Model. This is perfect for you if you prefer to hire leaders from within, ensuring more loyalty, ownership, and an easier transition.

Let’s identify top talent who already works within your organization. I can then train them to fill an ongoing role as your operations manager, OBM, or other member of the leadership team so they are functioning at a level well above the current status quo. It will feel like someone new has entered the company, even though they’ve been there all along!

Team Leadership Training includes:

• Individualized coaching sessions with each member of the leadership team
• Roadmap of growth
• Confidence-boosting exercises
• Coaching on effective communication between team members and clients

My full-service operations management package allows you to step away from your desk and do what you love while I take care of everything for you, and it’s fully customizable based on what your business needs.

Not sure which solution is right for you?

Let’s figure it out! Schedule a free consultation call today