Chaos Has Run Its Course…

Let’s Kick It to the Curb

HELLO! I’m Samantha.

Certified Online Business
Manager Mama to 3 Littles
Cornhuskers Fanatic

Here to Handle Your Business.

Are you ready for The Samantha Treatment?

With over 14 years of experience working in the online space, you can be sure that I go ALL IN for my clients. I’m right there in the weeds with you, getting shit handled.

Yes, FOURTEEN years of experience—I was working in the online space before online business was really a thing. Copywriting, ads, blogs, social media, project management, team management, and finally OBM certification… I’ve pretty much done it all.

Because of that, I guarantee I’ve seen your kind of problem before. And I know what it takes to set your business straight, both from a been-there- done-that perspective and a hefty dose of real-life experience.

You see, tough-yet-kind is in my bones. I’m a mama of 3. Wife and daughter of Veterans. Supporter of #22ADay. Survivor of an abusive household. At age 15, I was leading an Alzheimer’s unit in a local nursing home. I learned to be self-sufficient and no-nonsense from a very early age.

One of the most valuable lessons I learned at a young age was the power of laughter and well-timed humor to cut through unbearable tension. Laughing through the most difficult, stressful times can make all the difference for a person—laughter even extended the life of one of my favorite Alzheimer’s patients by four whole months.

When I work with you, your business benefits from the best of all these qualities and experiences. I’m tough, but kind. Blunt, but not disrespectful. Able to handle highly stressful situations, but with well-timed humor to lighten the mood.

I’m a big believer in telling it like it is. There’s no need for sugar-coating, but there’s also no need for rudeness.

Samantha has been an amazing assistant for the last 5 years. She has been a life and business saver for me. She is always the calm in my storm. She handles my requests with very little direction and gets things done with great timing. As a tech goddess, she has recommended invaluable resources for me to use in my and my clients’ businesses. I highly recommend Samantha. You’ll be so glad you did.

Owner | Certified OBM

What Sets Me Apart?

Some OBMs like to manage operations from behind their computer screen. Calmly and studiously looking at data, developing pretty flowcharts, and sending nicely worded emails to team members.

Not me. I don’t work on your business, I work IN it. As your full-service operations manager, you’ll have me front-and-center during client meetings, team meetings, hiring and firing discussions…Yes, I’ll be all over that data, and I can make a killer flowchart, but that’s just scratching the surface.

As your operations manager, I am right there in the weeds with you.

Got a toxic team member…or five? I’ll find them and give them the boot. Got a money-wasting process in place? I’ll dump it and replace it with something better and more cost effective. Are you stuck in your ways and need a come-to-Jesus moment? I’ll tell you what’s what—and give you the solution to move forward.

Hell, I even parked myself in the middle of my client’s busy front office and observed their physical processes, live and in person. My client was incredibly pleased with the outside perspective on his team and overall office workflow. His less-than-efficient office manager? Let’s just say I got a side eye or two from her. *shrug*

That thick skin of mine pays off for my clients. Every. Single. Time.