Taking your business


I’m here to bring balance to your business and life.

I handle your business from the inside out, taking you from chaos to control quickly, efficiently, masterfully.

You know your team is better than the harried, anxiety-ridden conversations and the missed opportunities—but you can’t put your finger on WHAT IS GOING WRONG.

Stop scrambling. Quit trying to fix it yourself—you don’t have time for that. Don’t settle for an entrepreneurial life completely lacking in balance and joy.

Your business shouldn’t run you—you should run it. It’s time to regain control, master the chaos, and get your shit handled, once and for all.

You CAN have a healthy work-life balance And still be a successful business owner.

It’s True!

Here’s the thing: you aren’t equipped to handle ALL THE THINGS. And there is absolutely NOTHING wrong with that!

As soon as you let go of this unrealistic idea that you alone can transform your business into a well-oiled machine—despite all the evidence to the contrary—you can start getting your life back.

Once you hand over the reins to someone you trust, you’ll feel a wave of relief knowing that you’re DAMN GOOD at what you do.

Because let’s face it: THERE IS ONLY ONE YOU, yet there are a thousand and one moving parts in your business. Let’s develop the systems and strategies you need so you can finally focus on the tasks that only you do best.

Client Success Stories

“Samantha is a great manager. When she tells you something is right, it’s right. Period. She’s that detail-oriented, that accurate, and that dedicated to awesome outcomes. When you hand something off to Samantha, you know it will be done correctly, thoroughly and in good time. I love having her on my team.”

Suzanne Tipton Offner

Owner/Behind The Guru

“Samantha began by writing blog posts for us, and in time grew to managing most of our entire social media including writing product releases, Amazon descriptions and information pages on our websites. She has become an integral part of our marketing program, and communicates well with our marketing team.”

Steve Davidson


Hi I’m Samantha Blount

I’m a certified Online Business Manager who helps overwhelmed business owners stop scrambling and start leading the kick-ass, effective organizations they’ve always imagined.

With my grit, expertise and penchant for bluntness (peppered with well-timed humor), we’ll root out EXACTLY which systems need revamping.

Fair warning: I don’t mess around. When you work with me, you get the full Samantha Treatment. I won’t just analyze your business from behind the scenes and call it a day. I don’t do sugar-coating or hand-holding. Don’t get me wrong, my style is less drill sergeant and more tough-love teacher, but if you can’t handle blunt, kindly move along…

Chaos free starts now


With a take-no-prisoners, no-BS approach, I transform hot mess operations into seamlessly structured organizations.

Efficiency Mastered. Money Saved. Time Regained.

I took one business from THREE HUNDRED OVERDUE TASKS down to just 30...in just six weeks.

I found FIFTY THOUSAND DOLLARS in lost revenue during an audit.

My client was able to STOP staying up until 2 a.m. and waking at 4 a.m., just to stay on top of what felt like a sinking ship. She’s finally able to enjoy her weekends and spend time with her family.

I’ve saved businesses over TEN PERCENT in systems costs and found ways to INCREASE revenue without working more hours.

I have literally sat in my client’s office, observing how his team handled day-to-day operations, just so I could PINPOINT THE EXACT INEFFICIENCIES.

I’ve identified—and removed—toxic team members, having the difficult conversations SO YOU DON’T HAVE TO.

“Samantha provides exceptional business management services and I couldn’t recommend her highly enough. I’ve worked with her on 2 different teams and she worked efficiently and diligently to keep us all on task and always set our team up to win. She has impeccable people skills, and a dedication to meeting deadlines. She held us accountable to our tasks, but was flexible when life happened beyond our control. Working with her was the highlight of my team experience and I look forward to more opportunities. If you are looking for professionalism, oustanding results, and an organized team, I recommend Samantha.”

Owner | Subcontract Graphic Designer